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Metro Compactor West provide Commercial Recycling Equipment, Sales and Services and Rentals and we service ALL Types of Recycling Equipment. We have a fleet of fully qualified and insured mobile technicians with fully equipped vehicles to handle every type of repair, from welding, to servicing, to part replacement. Although we do not provide general hauling of products, We have a roll-off truck that can load and offload any type of large equipment on site. Metro Compactor West services BC from our local branch and we have network of sub-contractors for out of region services. Metro Compactor West are also distributors of ORWAK recycling equipment, sales and service both (link to Orwak Site)

We offer:         Free Quotes, Free Site Visits, Competitive Rates

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The prices for preventative maintenance are as follows:

  • Compactor, (Single Unit)………………       $ 245.00
  • Baler, (Single Unit) on same site..…...    $ 180.00

This service is for labour only, and includes:

  • Ensure that all safety guards, latches, switches and decals are in place
  • Visual inspection of mechanical systems, anchoring, welds checked
  • Inspect compactor bottom, sides and Ram for excessive wear
  • Inspect condition of wear shoes, platen guides
  • Inspect chute, hopper, charging door for operational deficiencies
  • Visual inspection of hydraulic system, frayed hoses, leaks, oil level
  • Inspect hydraulic cylinder(‘s) condition
  • Visual inspection of electrical system, exposed wires, component mounting
  • Inspect limit switches for proper operation, clear actuating areas
  • Motor current draw test, compare with motor rated Full Load Amperage
  • Inspect emergency stop, operation controls and indicator lamps
  • Inspection of Ozone Generator or other odour control, if installed
  • Condition of general housekeeping
  • Comprehensive report for your records

If any of the inspections result with the compactor/baler being compromised, the appropriate agents shall be notified immediately, and action will be taken to correct the problem.
Each compactor/baler site is unique and some variations of this service may be added. This service ensures the safety of the end user and provides longevity of the equipment. Taxes are extra.